Nine Lives of Success: Catboy's Fundraising Journey to the Top

Nine Lives of Success: Catboy's Fundraising Journey to the Top

Brief about Catboy

Catboy brings a fresh and playful twist to the world of blockchain, offering the first AI interaction with NFTs. Catboy allows fans to collect and trade unique anime-inspired NFTs with tons of reward programs. Experience the thrill of our exciting Lottery Raffle Events, Battle of the Catboys™ Game & More!

History of Catboy

on March 19, 2022, CatBoy token was available on PancakeSwap, and users could buy the CATBOY token via the multi-chain bridge in exchange for ETH and SOL. The project focuses on improving user understanding of NFTs and their use cases. CatBoy token has 18 different NFTs based on anime characters. These NFTs have different rarity levels thereby inducing an increase in the price according to the rarity level. CatBoy aims to increase the platform's popularity and stimulate an increase in the price of the native token and the NFTs associated with the project.


Stakable Catboy NFT Collections

  • Saykun Edition
  • Founders Edition
  • God Cards Edition
  • Slayer Edition(new)
  • Waifu's Edition(new)
  • Bonus NFT (new)

What is New?

APY system is changed to a Multiplier system. With a limited allocation amount in $CATBOY tokens every month. The NFT Multiplier system is one of the most exciting implementations to be added to the Catboy's ecosystem.

  • The Multiplier represents what share of the total $CATBOY allocation will be made available to the NFT

Presale on Gempad

on 21 Feb cryptic helped to raise more than 104 BNB; Sharpened analysis and an experienced team are etched in Cryptic's DNA, allowing us to consistently deliver top-notch quality services in the ever-evolving realm of Web3. our commitment to excellence is synonymous with our name, forging a well-established reputation as a leading force in this dynamic space.

Claws & Conquering: Catboy token ATHs

Listing on MEXC

on the 5th of March Catboy was listed on MEXC at price of 0.01500 for 1 token

and as we speak right now, it reached a new time high of 0.085

Catboy Testimonial about Cryptic Services

“AMAAAAAZING! you guys are very unique in this space, you take care of the people and the way you handle things and support us, is truely amazing. All my respect to you guys!”


The cryptocurrency market is a land of opportunity, brimming with innovation and the potential for high returns. However, it's crucial to remember it's also a volatile rollercoaster. Unlike traditional investments, crypto prices can swing wildly in a short timeframe and How's Catboy is your gateway to the fun side of blockchain. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to never miss out on the hottest news and developments in this rapidly evolving space. Join our community today and stay ahead of the curve!