ChainGPT Emerges as Cryptic's Pick of the Month for January

Pick of the Month is a series featuring each month's Best Performing Defi/Web3 Projects, curated by Cryptic.

ChainGPT Emerges as Cryptic's Pick of the Month for January

ChainGPT: Where AI Meets Web3


ChainGPT is an advanced AI infrastructure that develops AI-powered technologies for the Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto space. We aim to improve the Web3 space for retail users & startups by developing AI-powered solutions designed explicitly for Web3. From LLMs to Web3 AI Tools, ChainGPT is the go-to place to boost your Web3 flow with Artificial Intelligence.

ChainGPT's Solutions:

  • Smart-Contracts Generator (Visit App -Read More: AI Smart-Contract Generator)
  • Smart-Contracts Auditor (Visit App - Read More: AI Smart-Contract Auditor)
  • ChainGPT AI Chatbot (Telegram, Discord, Web)
  • AI NFT Generator (Visit App - Read More: AI NFT Generator)
  • AI-Generated News (Visit App - Read More: AI-Generated News)
  • AI Trading Assistant (Visit App - Read More: AI Trading Assistant)
  • ChainGPT Pad (Visit App -ChainGPT Pad)
  • ChainGPT LLMs & TTIMs (LLMs & TTIMs)
  • AI-Powered Security Extension (Coming Soon)
  • AI Blockchain Analytics
  • ChainGPT Labs (VC Arm)
  • Whitelabels: AI Chatbot, Launchpad, & more! (Read More: B2B Offerings)

The solutions developed by ChainGPT are tailored for retail users and enterprises. ChainGPT believes in developing open technologies and does not gate-keep the LLMs & applications developed by ChainGPT from other Web3 companies. Everyone is welcome to access ChainGPT's API & SDKs.

$CGPT Utility Token:

The ecosystem is backed by the $CGPT utility token, the infrastructure's backbone. The $CGPT token grants holders & stakers access to DAO voting, staking, pad allocation, Freemium access to AI tools, airdrops & more. $CGPT is currently held on decentralized wallets by 27,000+ unique and active users.

What is a Smart-Contracts Generator?

A Smart-Contracts Generator is a tool that assists in the creation of smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts stored on a blockchain network. They automate agreements and transactions based on predetermined conditions and code, without the need for intermediaries. These tools help people who might not have extensive coding experience to build their smart contracts.

Here are some key points about Smart-Contracts Generators:


  • They typically offer a guided interface through prompts and questionnaires.
  • You describe the desired functionality of your smart contract, like token creation, crowdfunding, or voting systems.
  • The generator then translates your specifications into actual code for the chosen blockchain platform (e.g., Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain).
  • Some offer pre-built templates for common use cases, simplifying the process further.


  • Accessibility: They lower the barrier to entry for creating smart contracts, making them more accessible to a wider range of users.
  • Speed: They can significantly reduce development time compared to manual coding, especially for simpler contracts.
  • Reduced Errors: Automation can help minimize coding errors, but thorough review and testing are still crucial.


  • Complexity: They might not be suitable for highly complex or unique smart contracts requiring specialized coding.
  • Security: It's essential to understand the generated code and conduct thorough security audits before deploying the contract.
  • Limited Customization: While offering flexibility, their customization options might be restricted compared to manual coding.

Examples of Smart-Contracts Generators:

  • ChainGPT: Uses AI to translate natural language descriptions into code.
  • MyWish: Offers token generation for various blockchains with customization options.
  • Provides ERC20 token generation on Ethereum.

Remember, while these tools offer convenience, understanding smart contract security and blockchain fundamentals is crucial before deployment. Consider using them as an entry point and consult with experts for complex contracts or security audits.

What is a Smart-Contracts Auditor tool?

What it does:

  • Analyzes your smart contract code for potential vulnerabilities and exploits.
  • Uses AI algorithms trained on a vast dataset of common smart contract weaknesses.
  • Highlights areas of concern and provides suggestions for improvement.
  • Offers an easy-to-use interface for input and reporting.


  • Accessibility: Provides a quick and user-friendly initial check for smart contract security.
  • Time-saving: Can identify basic flaws faster than manual code review.
  • Cost-effective: Offers a free basic version with limited features.


  • Not a substitute for manual audit: Cannot replace the expertise and in-depth analysis of a professional security auditor.
  • Limited scope: May not detect complex vulnerabilities or edge cases.
  • Black box approach: Lacks transparency into the specific AI algorithms used and their limitations.
  • Potential bias: Inherited biases in the training data could skew results.


Chaingpt's Smart Contract Auditor can be a helpful tool for identifying basic security concerns in your smart contract. However, it's crucial to remember its limitations and not rely solely on it for critical security assessments. Here's what I recommend:

  • Use it as a first pass: Identify potential issues for further investigation.
  • Combine it with manual audits: Seek expert analysis for in-depth security verification.
  • Understand the limitations: Don't assume it covers all possible vulnerabilities.
  • Consider alternatives: Compare Chaingpt with other audit tools and experts in the field.

Remember, secure smart contracts are essential for protecting user funds and preventing exploits. Invest in thorough security measures and responsible development practices to ensure your smart contract's integrity.

ChainGPT Chatbot: AI for Blockchain & Crypto

Focus: ChainGPT's chatbot specializes in answering questions and providing information related to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and Web3.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered responses: Utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to understand user queries and deliver accurate, relevant answers.
  • Domain expertise: Trained on a massive dataset of blockchain and crypto information, enabling insightful responses even for complex topics.
  • Multiple applications: Acts as a community manager, research assistant, and customer support agent, catering to various needs within the Web3 space.
  • Adaptability: Constantly learns and updates itself, ensuring access to the latest information.


  • Fast and accessible knowledge: Quickly acquire information without digging through vast resources.
  • Simplified learning: Beginner-friendly explanations break down complex concepts.
  • Community engagement: Creates a dynamic and informative environment for Web3 enthusiasts.
  • Business efficiency: Automates tasks and answers frequently asked questions, freeing up human resources.


  • Focus area: Expertise lies primarily in blockchain and crypto, not general topics.
  • Still under development: May not always understand complex or nuanced questions perfectly.
  • Security considerations: As with any AI tool, responsible use and awareness of potential biases are crucial.


ChainGPT's chatbot offers a valuable tool for navigating the ever-evolving world of blockchain and crypto. While its expertise is focused, its AI capabilities and constant learning make it a powerful resource for individuals and businesses alike.

Chaingpt's AI NFT Generator is a tool specifically designed to create unique and visually appealing NFTs using artificial intelligence. Here's a breakdown of its key features and what you need to know:


  • AI-powered generation: It utilizes AI algorithms to translate your textual descriptions (prompts) into unique artwork for your NFT.
  • Multiple options: Choose between generating a single NFT for a custom design or an entire collection with variations based on a single theme.
  • Prompt options: You can control the style, theme, and specific details of your desired NFT through carefully crafted prompts.
  • Customization: Add metadata like titles, descriptions, and external links to personalize your NFTs further.
  • Minting integration: Directly mint your generated NFTs on the BNB Chain blockchain without needing separate tools.


  • Accessibility: Creates NFTs even without design skills by using descriptive prompts.
  • Time-saving: Generates NFTs quickly compared to traditional design methods.
  • Uniqueness: Utilizes AI for unique and unpredictable results, reducing potential copying.
  • Scalability: Generate large NFT collections efficiently for projects or communities.


  • Skill-based results: Crafting effective prompts requires some understanding of AI and NFT concepts.
  • Control limitations: You provide guidance through prompts, but the AI ultimately determines the final visuals.
  • Cost: The basic version is free with limited features, while advanced options require paid subscriptions.
  • Potential bias: As with any AI model, inherited biases could influence the generated artwork.

Further exploration:

  • Explore the ChainGPT NFT Marketplace: See examples of user-generated NFTs and gather inspiration for your prompts.
  • Check out the ChainGPT Documentation: Learn more about prompt crafting, different generation options, and technical details.
  • Compare with other AI NFT generators: Consider available alternatives based on your specific needs and desired features.

Remember, responsible use of AI and understanding its limitations are crucial for ethical and successful NFT creation.


Chaingpt offers a valuable toolkit for individuals and businesses looking to explore AI in the blockchain and crypto space. Its ease of use and diverse offerings make it worth considering. However, carefully evaluate your specific needs, compare alternative solutions, and prioritize responsible and ethical use of AI tools before making a decision.