Tectum Emerges as Cryptic's Pick of the Month for December

Pick of the Month is a series featuring the best-performing companies of each month, curated by Cryptic.

Tectum Emerges as Cryptic's Pick of the Month for December


Pick of the Month is a series featuring the Best Performing Defi/Web3 Projects of each month, curated by Cryptic.

Tectum is the world’s fastest blockchain – a lightning-fast distributed ledger powering the superconductive digital financial environment of the future.

CoinGecko listed Tectum as the top trending coin on Twitter on Dec 29.

The Record-Breaking Fundraising

Tectum's accomplishments have undoubtedly made a splash in the crypto world. Breaking the gempad ETH fundraising record and raising $500,000 is a clear sign of the community's confidence in the project's potential. Through its vested tokensale and fair launch, Tectum has demonstrated a commitment to transparency and investor-friendly practices. Additionally, by providing assistance with CEX listings and leveraging advisory support, the project is laying a solid foundation for future growth and success. 

Transactionless Payments

Tectum’s SoftNote is a transactionless payment system with instant payments and zero fees. Tectum uses its Bitcoin node and overlay network to facilitate on-chain transfers with low fees and fast transaction times. SoftNote can reduce transfer costs to zero and provide instant finality, making BTC a scalable global cash system.

SoftNote enables fast and anonymous transactions by replacing them with handovers. SoftNote bills will be emitted using Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT as a store of value and can be purchased through Tectum’s web wallet and mobile app.

The Tectum Blockchain

Normally, the rule of thumb for a blockchain is that the greater the security, the slower it is. Conversely, if you want a fast blockchain, you’re going to have security issues, because everything comes with a cost.

That’s not the case for Tectum, however, because Tectum separated the levels of data into multiple tiers. The mechanism of isolating the system event formalization process from big-data leading to the main-net unprecedented throughput capabilities is the value proposition.

The event hashing process is run on top of a database in order to enable faster retrieval of data items, and works as an upper functional layer to keep the main-net pipeline free from heavy data processing.

Tectum’s high speed is what gives it an advantage, and this comes from having three levels of nodes in the blockchain. Tectum also have a master node that’s designed to carry all the heavy weight data, and then an upper level that conducts communication with hashes.

So, it really is about hashing — Tectum hashes packets, it hashes blocks, it hashes just about everything and it keeps it on the upper level of the blockchain. That’s what makes it so remarkably fast.

Tectum’s unparalleled speed surpasses every other blockchain currently available, making it the perfect solution for high-volume & high-speed distributed ledger activities ranging from financial transaction processing to real-time digital record-keeping.

Tectum XFA™

Protect your account with exclusive three-factor authentication technology.

Quantum-Proof Authentication

Phones can be hacked, SIM cards can be duplicated, and today’s Two-Factor Authentication solutions can be compromised. That’s why Tectum developed a revolutionary new Three-Factor Authentication application, which provides a flexible, scalable, and completely secure solution for user authentication.

XFA is a mobile & desktop authentication platform that provides payment processors and service providers with impenetrable user security. It works by intermingling human & machine logic to create quantum-proof login encryption and protects against SMS & QR-code hacking while offering Dual Tone Multi-frequency (DTMF) fallback protection for lost or legacy devices.

Why XFA?

In today’s world, cybercriminals utilize sophisticated schemes to steal other people’s money, documents, and valuable data – which is increasingly stored remotely in the cloud. That’s why 3FA utilizes on-device encryption powered by a secure tunnel protocol, which ensures that your encrypted PIN is never stored openly, and cannot be accessed even if a server is compromised.


Tectum Blockchain has achieved a groundbreaking transaction speed, making it a notable development in the fast-paced environment of the DeFi world. If you're interested in long-term utility projects, it's worth looking into Tectum and keeping an eye on its potential as a gem. However, it's important to always Do Your Own Research (DYOR) and note that this monthly pick is not financial advice. It serves as a means to introduce projects that have demonstrated high potential and innovative solutions within the Web3 and DeFi space.