Partnership Announcement with Octavia

Octavia is your cutting-edge AI assistant designed to help you with your crypto needs.

Partnership Announcement with Octavia
Octavia partnership

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Octavia your cutting-edge AI assistant designed to help you with your crypto needs. With a strong foundation in crypto knowledge, direct access to on-chain information, and a connection to the internet, Octavia is your ultimate sidekick for research, trading, and more.

Octavia Key Features

  1. Cloud Connected: Octavia is connected to both the internet and the blockchain, which enables her to conduct research, use search engines, and visit websites.
  2. Securely Connected to Your Services: Whether you communicate with Octavia through Discord or Telegram, she can recognize and authenticate you.
  3. Inbuilt AI Memory: Octavia's working memory helps her learn about you and your preferences, allowing her to provide increasingly personalized assistance.

Can Octavia access the internet?

Yes, Octavia can fetch any website and view its contents. You can test this by asking her to research very recent events/news for you.

What is the VIA Token?

VIA Token is the native cryptocurrency of the Via platform. Via is a decentralized social media network that aims to provide users with privacy, security, and control over personal data. VIA Token is used as the utility token within the platform for activities such as content creation, voting, tipping, and purchasing goods and services. It is built on blockchain technology and is designed to empower users by giving them ownership and control over their data and its privacy.

How does the VIA token work with Octavia?

The VIA token has various use cases within the Octavia Ecosystem, it can be staked for rewards, used to pay for pro features, and used as part of our train-to-earn platform.

Powered by the VIA Token

  • Staking
  • Governance
  • Premium Features
  • Train to Earn



Cryptic aims to stay up to date with the latest technologies by partnering with Octavia, an advanced AI assistant that uses cloud connectivity, blockchain access, and internet browsing capabilities. This partnership demonstrates Cryptic's commitment to incorporating cutting-edge tools and techniques into its services. Furthermore, the mention of the VIA token and its various use cases within the Octavia ecosystem indicates that Cryptic is actively leveraging blockchain technology for features Overall, Cryptic appears to prioritize staying technologically current and providing users with state-of-the-art solutions in the Web3 space.